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Carrying out garden electrical work safely

Electrical work carried out in the garden is no longer covered by Part P of the building regulations in England. This means you no longer have to notify local building control department of any work you carry out.

Part P does still apply in Wales though, which means, if you’re carrying out the work yourself, your local building control should be notified before you start any electrical works. This includes:

  • A supply to a detached garage, shed or other outbuilding
  • A supply to an electric gate or pond pump
  • Garden lighting
  • A socket-outlet

You’ll then need to pay the appropriate fee and have it inspected.

Alternatively, you can use an electrician who is registered with a government approved Part P scheme, such as NICEIC or ELECSA, to carry out the work as they can self-certify and notify the work for you.

If you sell your property, you’ll need to provide the necessary certification for any works carried out – for this you’ll need a Part P inspection upon completion of your project. You can get this from your NICEIC qualified electrician.

We really recommend that you never attempt any electrical work without the necessary qualifications or without fully consulting a professional electrician first.

At best, attempting this kind of work alone can mean a poor result and wasted money. At worst, it can lead to serious injury, so please always ensure you are comfortable with what you’re doing.

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