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Access Control

Protect your property

Office access control systemAccess control systems are the smart way of protecting your business. They ultimately allows you to take control and monitor the movements of your staff, customers and suppliers.

Our services range from basic door entry systems to a fully integrated access control suite across your entire business, which could include systems such as fingerprint or fob entry. You can be sure that all our systems, no matter how complex, provide you with the level of reliability and security you need to ensure your property is safe.

Smart and Efficient

Access control systems are an efficient way delivering safety to your premises. At Celsius, we can create a system which means that you can monitor and track the movements of your staff, restrict access of unauthorised personnel and even discourage theft.

Our systems give you complete control over your property, allowing you to determine who has access to what areas, and ultimately, who doesn’t. This not only means that you can keep areas you want to keep secure free from unauthorised personnel, but also means you can monitor the movements of all your employees.

Whether it’s your home or business, if you are looking for a reliable security system for your premises, we can design a system that is bespoke to your needs.

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