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Photograph of fire alarm, smoke detector

Fire Alarms

For every home or business, being able to protect your property and the people in it is the most important thing. 

Celsius can design and install a fire system that is tailored to your property.

Protect your home from fire

How Automist works


Automist it’s an innovative, cost effective alternative for protecting your home or business against fire. Celsius can install a top of the range automist system from just £1999. Protect your property from fire


CCTV is a popular & cost effective way of monitoring businesses. 

Whether you’re on the premises or away on holiday, with CCTV you can keep an eye out wherever you are.

Keep an eye on your property

Photograph of burglar alarm system

Alarm Systems

Have you got the right alarm system in place if someone tries to break into your property? 

Whatever your budget, we can tailor a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Find a burglar alarm that suits you

Home Security

Whether it’s your home or business, we understand the importance of keeping the things you love safe. 

Check out our 10 clever things your can do to make your home is safe & sound.

Read our home security top tips

Free home inspection for access control

Access Control 

Access control gives you control over who can enter your building. 

Celsius offers a range of access control options, from standard keypad to fingerprint entry.

Get an Access Control system