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Fit out of Karma Fit Juice Bar & Gym


Installation of electrical, security and air conditioning at new gym and cafe in Swansea. The project was completed from June to August 2014.


We had been tasked to design and install all electrical, fire alarm and emergency lighting to a newly converted storage area in Swansea.


The project was particularly tricky because we had to instal the cables and signal cables without the advantage of having the ceilings down or an attic void to work with. The customer was adamant that the cables were not to be installed in trunking due to the high end look they were seeking along with a large area of the gym being covered in mirrors.

We overcame this challenge by placing regular 6 inch holes along the length of the building with minimal disruption. This not only let us gain access to the void above to run the cables in, but also let the decorators re-fix the cut out plaster board into the exact hole it had come out from.

One thing that Celsius are adamant on is not to allow our own preferences dictate the design and feel of the project. The client had a clear idea of how the cafe should stand out, and through discussions and hard graft, we managed to meet them!


One of the most important aspects of any installation is selecting the correct type of heating. At Karma, they were eager to provide ‘Hot Yoga’ as well as regular exercise classes that would require cooling.

One of the main issues of this is that with heated exercise comes a high level of body moisture. We overcame this by suggesting Air conditioning is used to heat and cool the space. Air Conditioning not only provides heating & cooling functionality, but also acts as a dehumidifier that takes moisture from the air and disposes of it. Having suggested this system, the client was more than convinced that this would be the right choice to tick all the boxes.

At Celsius we take great pride and accomplishment in our work being displayed to the public, whether it’s domestic or commercial. We are particularly proud to have been a part of the Karma Project and judging by the finished result, we reached the goal we set out to do!

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