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Get your FREE Energy Audit

It’s amazing what people will do to save money.

This Black Friday you don’t have to queue or fight your way through a crowd to cut costs.

Just sign up below and get a FREE energy audit on your home or business.

Celsius will then evaluate your energy usage and  show you exactly where you can save money.

Queuing Black Friday 

Relaxing without a rush

Find real world, every-day savings

With a dedicated team of professionals , Celsius will be offering this service for free today only.

We’ll calculate the cost of your existing power consumption and suggest ways to save on your current electrical system.

And with new energy-efficient electrical heating fast becoming a viable option against solid fuels we’ve been able to guide some customers to massive savings.

It’s a no obligation service. No payment , no hard sell, just a great way of us showing you a way to save money – without you leaving your armchair.

Take advantage of this one-off deal (which we normally charge £80.00 + VAT) today for FREE.

Just fill out this form…