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Swapping traditional light fittings with LEDs

We’ve just spent two days at Leekes refitting their existing 200 watt light fittings with 80 watt LED bulbs.LED bulbs use light emitting diodes rather than traditional filaments, and are far more efficient at converting energy into light.

Save Money

Whilst LED bulbs might cost a little more than traditional bulbs, the upfront spend is definitely worthwhile. LEDs will save you money in two ways:

    • LEDs last much longer than traditional lightbulbs. Whilst many bulbs might have a relatively short life (and halogen bulbs sometime lasting just months), depending on usage LED bulbs will last for far longer – with tests showing that bulbs regularly last for up to 11 years.

Fitting LED lighting

  • They use much less energy to create the same amount of light. Because LEDs are far more efficient at converting energy into light, you can use a much lower wattage bulb to get the same effect – saving you on your electricity bill. The  LED bulbs we fitted in Leekes used less than half the power of the old bulbs they replaced, but were twice as bright!

The combined savings from reduced bills and lower replace mean significantly lower costs for you in the long term.

Better for the environment

Its not often that you can help the planet and save money, but fitting LED bulbs is one of those cases.

Where conventional bulbs sometimes contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, LED bulbs are totally chemical free. What’s more, LED bulbs are easily recyclable and produce almost no UV emissions – not only is this great for the planet, but also useful if you’re using the lighting near sensitive materials.

Finally, because LEDs are more efficient, you’ll use less electricity – which means a smaller carbon footprint.

Easy to Implement

Replacing your lighting with LEDs is quick and cost-effective. To find out more, just give us a call on 0330 010 9009 and talk to us about how you can cut your bills.